The institution is in operation and has students enrolled in degree programs.

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In 1907, the North Carolina General Assembly ratified the Charter for the East Carolina Teachers Training School (re-chartered in 1911). A groundbreaking ceremony took place on July 2, 1908, and classes began in 1909.  The attached Fall Enrollment History table provides evidence of continuous student enrollment data since 1909. 

East Carolina University (
hereafter, ECU or the institution) has evolved from a training school for teachers to a national research university. The Fall Enrollment History shows that the student population has grown from 174 to 27,386. The campus now includes more than 160 buildings on the main campus, health sciences campus, and west research campus. The university’s academic programs are housed in 13 colleges and professional schools, including the Brody School of Medicine and the Ross School of Dental Medicine. A more detailed university history is found in the undergraduate catalog.  The graduate catalog includes a History of Graduate Education at ECU.

According to
the ECU Academic Program Inventory, the institution offers 102 bachelor's degree programs, 2 intermediate programs (CAS, EdS), 77 master's degree programs, 75 departmental certificates, 16 doctoral degree programs, and 4 first-professional degree programs (AuD, DMD, DPT, MD).

The attached Spring 2012 Student Program Enrollments table provides direct evidence that there are students enrolled in degree programs.  This table lists every degree program by department and the number of students enrolled in that program or major as of spring semester 2012. In a few cases, the table includes discontinued degree programs that currently have the last enrolled students completing the programs.  The table also lists newly approved degree programs that may have few or no students enrolled yet.  Notes in the table indicate these special cases.

ECU is a state leader in Distance Education. The attached chart provides Distance Education enrollment figures since 2006 and compares them with on-campus enrollment numbers. The table illustrates strong growth in Distance Education enrollment from 2006 to 2008 followed by successive years of stable enrollment of over 6,000.

ECU, therefore, is a functioning organization with students enrolled in degree programs. 


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Charter for the East Carolina Teachers Training School


Distance Education Enrollment Figures

Distance Education enrollment

ECU Academic Program Inventory


Fall Enrollment History

Fall Enrollment

History of Graduate Education at ECU

2.6 Grad School History

Spring 2012 Student Program Enrollments

Spring 2012 Student Program Enrollments

University History

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