The institution has qualified administrative and academic officers with the experience and competence to lead the institution.

Compliance Judgment: In compliance

The senior academic and administrative officers (SAAO) of East Carolina University (hereafter ECU or the institution) possess the academic credentials, experience, and competence to effectively lead the university.  Senior academic and administrative officers (SAAO’s) are defined in accordance with UNC Policy 300.1.1.  For East Carolina University, these include the chancellor, provost, vice chancellors, academic deans, dean of academic library and learning resources; director of the Laupus Health Science Library; dean of the Honors College, and assistant vice chancellor for emerging academic initiatives.   East Carolina University's Organizational Chart shows the relationship between these academic and administrative officers.

The Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers table provides the names, position titles, position responsibilities, educational qualifications and professional experience of all of the university’s administrative/academic leadership.

In November 2007, the East Carolina University Board of Trustees created a policy revising the institution’s process for hiring, evaluating and retaining administrators.  These procedures are set forth in Appointment and Review of Administrative Officers at ECU and include specific guidelines for the recruitment, selection, and hiring of administrative officers, as well as provisions for periodic performance evaluations [both annual and at 5-year intervals], and goals for retention. The importance of obtaining a highly qualified pool of applicants for these administrative posts is evidenced by the use of search firms to assist the institution as vacancies occur. Every administrator is hired in accordance with an established search process and in compliance with the EPA Recruitment Compliance Review Process.


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Appointment and Review of Administrative Officers at ECU

Appt Review of Admin Officers

EPA Recruitment Compliance Review Process


Organizational Chart


Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers Table

Qualified Administrative and Academic Officers

University of North Carolina (UNC) Policy 300.1.1

UNC Policy 300.1.1