For each major in a degree program, the institution assigns responsibility for program coordination, as well as for curriculum development and review, to persons academically qualified in the field. In those degree programs for which the institution does not identify a major, this requirement applies to a curricular area or concentration.

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East Carolina University (hereafter, ECU or the institution), a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina (UNC), assigns responsibility for academic program coordination and curriculum development and review to qualified faculty members in each of its degrees, minors, concentrations, and certificates. Coordinators (sometimes referred to as program directors) have been determined by their chair or dean to have satisfied the unit’s academic credentialing requirement; additionally, coordinators have been elected or selected by the unit’s program faculty and formally appointed to their positions by the dean of the college or school.

ECU uses the terms “field” and “discipline” interchangeably. Qualified discipline faculty determine what their subfields are and also identify the appropriate classification of instructional programs (CIP) codes when developing new academic programs.

It is common for ECU department chairs who teach more than 50 percent to serve as program coordinators, although this is not a uniform requirement. Faculty who have coordinator appointments are evaluated annually by their faculty, chair, or dean in the areas of competence and leadership.

While activities of individual coordinators vary, some responsibilities are germane to most academic coordinator positions.  These responsibilities include: (1) assessing the academic quality of programs and courses; (2) service on academic program and/or curriculum committees; and (3) leadership in curriculum development and review. These tasks are documented under coordinator responsibilities in a number of the attached professional qualification statements.

Many coordinators, all of whom are qualified faculty members in the discipline they coordinate, are appointed to departmental and college/school curriculum committees, where they propose additions, changes, or deletions to course offerings and overall program curriculum in accordance with the ECU Faculty Manual, Part VI, Section VII, which states:

Program and curriculum development is a faculty responsibility. Program and curriculum changes may be initiated, prepared, and presented for review to all relevant ECU campus bodies by voting faculty as defined in the ECU Faculty Manual. Development of new academic degree programs and certificates is governed by the policies and procedures of the General Administration (3.4.11 UNC Policy Manual 400.1)

Part VI, (VII) of the ECU Faculty Manual continues with a step-by-step, on-campus procedure for program and curriculum approvals, all of which begin at the academic unit level. This rigorous process ensures that academic programs maintain the highest level of quality as they are incorporated into ECU’s academic offerings.

Beginning in 2009 and through the Office of the Provost (Office of Academic Program Planning and Development), ECU has surveyed its colleges and schools annually to gather the credentials of academic program coordinators. Information requested in these surveys is continuously updated in order to comply with accreditation standards and changing needs of the university. Currently, reports from surveys serve two purposes: (1) they confirm currency of information about program coordinators; and (2) they document that new and continuing coordinators have the appropriate credentials for their positions.  An updated roster of East Carolina University Academic Programs and Coordinators, as well as professional qualification statements, is posted to the Office of Academic Program Planning and Development.

For additional information regarding faculty qualifications, please see SACS Commission Document on ComprehensiveStandard3.7.1, “Faculty Credentials.”



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