At least one-third of credits toward a graduate or a post-baccalaureate professional degree are earned through instruction offered by the institution awarding the degree.

Compliance Judgment:  In compliance


East Carolina University (hereafter, ECU or the institution) has an established transfer policy regarding the amount of credit that students must earn at ECU in order to receive an ECU graduate degree.  According to this East Carolina University policy, in all but three instances, at least 80% of graduate credit hours must be earned at ECU in order for an ECU degree to be awarded. The three exceptions require 70% and 66% of courses to be taken at ECU: the Master of Business Administration students are allowed up to 30% transfer credit, Master of Social Work Advanced Standing students are allowed up to 30% transfer credit, and the Master of Public Administration students are allowed up to 33% transfer credit, or 15 of 45 semester hours. The Brody School of Medicine and the new School of Dental Medicine do not accept transfer students.

Graduate-level course work taken elsewhere is not automatically applicable to a graduate degree program at East Carolina University. Requests for transfer credit are initiated by a graduate program director on behalf of the student and reviewed and considered for approval by the Graduate School. Transfer credits are identified on a student’s academic transcript by the inclusion of the institution where the transfer credits originated, as well as the term when they were taken, and the credit that the student received at ECU for them. Credit hours completed as part of a previously earned master’s degree cannot be counted toward a second master’s degree.

Institutional monitoring of graduate student credits toward an ECU degree is conducted by the Graduate School in conjunction with the ECU Registrar’s Office; certification of credits needed for graduation is documented on an official Graduation Summary Form, which also details any transfer credits accepted from another institution.  Transfer credit policy is disseminated through both the Graduate Catalog and the Graduate Program Directors and Coordinators Handbook.  The Registrar’s Office reviews a student's Graduation Summary Form and certifies that any transfer credits were duly approved by the Graduate School according to the above policy.

ECU has demonstrated compliance with Comprehensive Standard 3.6.3 as it ensures that all graduate degrees are conferred only if the degree-seeking student has earned at least one-third of the credits towards the graduate degree from the institution.


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Graduate Program Directors and Coordinators Handbook


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Masters of Business Administration Transfer Credit Policy

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Masters of Public Administration Transfer Credit Policy

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Masters of Social Work Advanced Standing Transfer Credit Policy

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Transfer Credit Policy

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