Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.

Compliance Judgment:  In compliance


In publication of all recruitment materials, East Carolina University (hereafter, ECU or the institution) abides by the professional policies and ethical standards at the forefront of national, regional, and state professional associations including the following:  the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), the Southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (SACRAO), and the Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (CACRAO)ECU is also a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC) and follows their professional and ethical standards. Additionally, ECU is a member of several regional associations in other primary out-of-state markets, e.g., Virginia (VACRAO), New Jersey (NJACAC), & Pennsylvania/Maryland/Delaware (PACAC) and adheres to the practices and ethical standards of these organizations. 

ECU’s Department of University Publications has primary responsibility for admissions materials, student recruitment materials, and fund-raising materials. All student recruitment pieces including those for distance education must be created or approved by the Department of University Publications in keeping with ECU’s guidelines for writing and editing publications. All publications listing courses and degree requirements must go through the publications office for submission to academic review by the institution’s division of Academic Affairs and the Graduate School.

Sample recruitment materials include the following:

Admit Package, Freshman Admit Letter, Freshman Deny Letter, Freshman Checklist, Transfer Admit Letter, Transfer Deny Letter, Transfer Checklist, Honors Invite/Honors College Application Packet, Honors College Application, Campus Visit Package, Admissions Quick Guide, Transfer Student Guidelines Flyer, and Transfer to ECU from a North Carolina Community College Guidelines Flyer.

Examples of recruitment materials for distance education include the Options Newsletter and the Distance Education website.

Recruitment Materials for Undergraduates

The mission of East Carolina University’s Admissions Office is to provide competent, courteous, respectful and efficient professional service to prospective students and their families as they navigate the inquiry, application, decision, and enrollment process at East Carolina University. The Admissions Office is committed to ensuring that students have access to information required to achieve academic goals and that recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.

To ensure accuracy in all recruitment materials and presentations, the Marketing and Communications Manager for Undergraduate Admissions works directly with the institution’s Marketing and Publications staff to design and develop marketing materials and to comply with university guidelines set forth in the University Image Guide and in Working with University Publications on the department's website.

Both senior admissions personnel and the Office of Academic Affairs review content to ensure accuracy of admissions deadlines and requirements, and that all degree information is current and accurate. Materials are updated annually in the spring and early summer, prior to the start of fall recruitment. The Admissions, Marketing and Communications Manager meets routinely with the marketing office during the developmental stages of a publication or presentation. Once design is complete, mock-ups are sent to the admissions office for review.

Recruitment Materials for Prospective Undergraduate Students

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has developed CDs of the East Carolina University Undergraduate Catalog and Undergraduate Application for Admission. These are distributed during student recruitment events at high schools and during student tours.

The Admissions Initial Contact Piece (ICP) is the main recruitment piece utilized for undergraduate outreach at East Carolina University. It contains the university profile, a summary of programs offered, admissions requirements, and application deadlines. The ICP is distributed during student recruitment events at high schools and during student tours.

The Pirate Port Card demonstrates the benefits to using the Pirate Port website and encourages readers to sign up and apply for admission through the portal.  The card also includes links to the Admissions Office’s social media websites and important admissions-related events and deadlines. These cards are distributed during student recruitment events at high schools and during student tours.   

The Treasures of Diversity Brochure expresses ECU’s commitment to diversity.  A listing of registered student and Greek life organizations that have a strong emphasis on cultural diversity is provided. A sample of popular multicultural events and office contact information for the offices of Equity, Diversity and Community Relations; Admissions; International Office (Study Abroad); and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resources Office are included.

Collaborating with the ECU Honors College, the Admissions Office provides the Honors College Brochure for those high-achieving students who seek admission to the Honors College. An overview of the Honors College, as well as information on the EC Scholars and the Brody School of Medicine’s Early Assurance Programs, is provided in this publication.

The New Student Guidebook is a collaborative effort between the Student Affairs Office, Campus Living, and the Admissions Office. This guidebook is provided to newly admitted freshmen. The publication contains a detailed new student checklist as well as information regarding academics, campus life, student living, and housing information.

The Admissions Visitor Page contains helpful Quick Links to information regarding academics, advising, alumni, athletics, government, dining, financial aid, the Office of Student Transitions and First Year Programs, housing, orientation, placement, and residency.

Description of Admission Requirements provides admissions information to first year, transfer, readmitted, visiting, international, second undergraduate degree, and undergraduate post-baccalaureate teacher licensure students, as well as to high school counselors.

The ECU College Portrait provides a generalized description of the institution, its student body demographics, descriptions of costs and financial aid, and of classes and campus life.

ECU Financial Aid provides information about ECU financial aid programs, the application process, deadlines, and links to other resources.

The Visiting East Carolina University page on the Undergraduate Admissions website provides information regarding weekday tours of the ECU campus and allows prospective students to register for these online through Pirate Port.

The Placement Credit Information website contains current information regarding CLEP (College-Level Examination) Credit, DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) credit, Advanced Placement Examination credits and International Baccalaureate College Credit.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

The Admissions Office utilizes Pirate Port, a content management system to facilitate more direct and targeted information dissemination to undergraduate prospects, inquirers, applicants, and enrolled students. The prospective student portal, known as Pirate Port, is the page where prospective students can create an account.  This action creates a unique Banner ID for the student for use in communication and allows the ECU admissions office to stay connected to prospective students. Banner is a higher education software system that is a part of all institutional functions, including human resources, admissions and finance.  “Student” Banner impacts ECU students most directly and provides students with greater accessibility to educational information and enables them to register for classes in an efficient manner.  Pirate Port is used to send prospective students information about their enrollment status as well as direct updates from specific colleges or departments in which they have expressed an interest. Pirate Port is supplemented by information from Banner’s relationship-management software, known as BRM.

Banner Relationship Management is employed to communicate more effectively and efficiently with prospects, applicants, and admitted students.  After applicants submit an application for admission, they can then check their application status which is made possible because of data sharing within the Banner system.  The “portal” has several features for communicating with students. There is “Ask a Pirate” FAQ quick response technology, event management, and communication plan products, e.g., text messaging, email blasts, etc., included in the prospective student portal. This tool is a collaborative effort between Admissions and Information Technology and Computing Services (ITCS) and is designed to provide students with regular, consistent, accurate information about East Carolina University.

Admissions Training

Additional processes to ensure accurate presentation of university practices and policy include Ongoing Admissions Counselor training which includes program, policy, and procedural announcements and meetings throughout the year as needed.  There is an online training manual for reference. Counselors participate in university training programs sponsored by Human Resources (HR), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Advising Collaborative, and others as required/assigned.  

Structured annual training for new and returning counselors is held in August in the form of briefings by representatives from all appropriate academic and student affairs departments on campus.  New counselors are required to attend the Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (CACRAO) sponsored “Newcomers Conference” in the summer prior to their first fall travel recruitment season. A staff retreat training session is held for the counseling staff prior to the start of each fall term.

Recruitment Materials for Graduate Students

In the development of recruitment materials, the Graduate School follows the same process as Undergraduate Admissions. Recruitment pieces such as The Graduate School: Opportunities through Graduate Studies, which is the only printed graduate recruitment piece, are typically revised in the spring and summer. The Assistant Dean works with University Marketing and Publications in the design and development of materials. Mock-ups are returned to the Graduate School for review. Administrative and admissions staff and the Office of Academic Program Development review and approve content of materials including Graduate Application for Admission, Admissions and Program Information, and a Message to Prospective Students for accuracy of admissions deadlines, requirements, and program information.

The Graduate Catalog and Admissions information have developed CDs, and these were taken to all graduate recruiting events. Beginning in autumn 2012, CDs will no longer be utilized as more students prefer to access information directly on-line. The on-line Graduate Catalog and Admissions information website play a major role in providing information to prospective applicants.

The Admissions and Program Information site provides current information on master’s, doctoral, graduate certificate, online, and advanced programs including their respective application deadlines.

The Message to Prospective Students allows prospective graduate students to learn about graduate and international graduate programs, post-doctoral affairs, and research and grant programs, providing a step-by-step guide to admissions and an online application.

Special Populations Recruitment

Diversity at East Carolina University

Diversity Brochure, Admissions Recruitment

Hispanic/Latino Brochure

Information for High Achieving Students

Information for International Students

Information for High School Guidance Counselor

Teacher Licensure Candidate Information

Brody School of Medicine Admissions

School of Dental Medicine, Prospective Students

The institution’s recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent its practices and policies; therefore, ECU is in compliance with Federal Requirement 4.6.



Reference Title


Admissions and Program Information

Grad School Programs

Admissions Initial Contact Piece (ICP)

13-006 Adm Road Piece Z-card1[1]

Admissions Information website

Graduate School Application

Admissions Office


Admissions Quick Guide

Admissions QuickGuide

Admissions Requirements


Admissions Visitor Page


Admit Package


Brody School of Medicine Admissions


Campus Visit Package

Campus Visit Package

Campus Living and Dining

Campus Living

Department of University Publications

University Image

Distance Education website


Diversity at East Carolina University

Undergraduate Admissions - Diversity

Diversity Brochure, Admissions Recruitment


ECU College Portrait


ECU Financial Aid


Freshman Admit Letter

Freshman Admit Letter

Freshman Checklist

Undergraduate Admissions - Freshman Checklist

Freshman Deny Letter

Freshman Deny Letter

Graduate Application for Admission

Graduate School Application

Graduate Catalog

Grad Catalog Admission and Readmission


The Graduate School: Opportunities through Graduate Studies

The Graduate School Opportunities Through Graduate Students

Guidelines for Writing and Editing Publications

4.6 writing-editing

Hispanic/Latino Brochure


Honors College Brochure

11-335 HonorsCollProsp

Honors College Application

Honors App

Honors Invite/Honors College Application Packet

Honors Invite

Information for High Achieving Students

Welcome to the Honors College

Information for High School Guidance Counselor

Undergraduate Admissions - Counselors

Information for International Students

International Students

Message to Prospective Students

Grad School Message

New Student Guidebook

11-334 Student Guide 2012-2013 1 spreads

On-line Graduate Catalog

Grad Catalog Admission and Readmission

Options Newsletter

OPTIONS newsletter on-line programs

Pirate Port


Placement Credit Information website

Placement Credit



School of Dental Medicine, Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Teacher Licensure Candidate

Undergraduate Admissions - Teacher Licensure

Transfer Admit Letter

Transfer Admit Letter

       Transfer Checklist


Undergraduate Admissions - Transfer Checklist

Transfer Deny Letter

Transfer Deny Letter

Transfer Student Guidelines Flyer

Transfer Student Guidelines

Transfer to ECU from a North Carolina Community College Guidelines Flyer

Transfer from CC Guidelines

Treasures of Diversity Brochure

12-019 Minority BR-opt

Undergraduate Application for Admission


Undergraduate Catalog

Undergrad Admission and Readmission

University Image Guide

University Image Publishing Manual

University Publications

University Publications

Visiting East Carolina University

Undergraduate Admissions - Visit Campus

Working With University Publications

Working With University Publications